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With over 550,000 followers across our social media platforms, TRNTO and Streets of Toronto reach a coveted demographic across Toronto and the GTA. Our social platforms offer you a dedicated space to engage with exceptional audiences and help you grow your brand’s awareness.

Streets of Toronto is a fast growing social media platform, with 326,000 Instagram followers and 120,000 Facebook followers, that celebrates our city, our people, and our businesses.

Developed in 2014, Streets of Toronto is a leading social platform for creatives, business owners, bloggers, marketing agencies etc. It is your one stop, spot for all the latest and the greatest in Toronto history, culture and News.

We are happy to be a part of a city so big and beautiful. A city that welcomes a multicultural and diverse community and allows it to add value. We tell your story, as raw and real as it is – because our people are what makes this city so unique and special.

We. Are. Toronto’s. Finest. Photographers. Videographers. Editors. Creators. And PR specialists. Our people are dedicated, young Toronto bred folk who bring ample culture and city pride to Streets of Toronto.

TRNTO is a highly curated social media channel, approaching 20,000 Instagram followers, that covers the latest on restaurants, real estate, news and events in the City.

Campaigns on TRNTO start at $1500
Campaigns on Streets of Toronto start at $3000

What we can do for you

Using customized strategies, we can help you increase your reach by creating personalized packages for your specific brand needs and goals to deliver impactful messaging, generate brand interest and drive engagement.

Package elements can include:


With our platforms, you can create exciting giveaways to help increase brand recognition, attract new customers, and promote follower growth on your social channels.

Videos (IGTV, Reels)

Our skilled team creates dynamic video storytelling that will help you convey your narrative concept or introduce your products in a distinct new way to audiences. We also offer hosted videos with well-known media personalities to tell your story.

Hosted Sponsor video for Eglinton Way BIA

Sponsored Instagram Post

Whether a single photo, carousel or video, Instagram posts on TRNTO & Streets of Toronto will massively boost the reach of your messaging, and generate interest in your brand.

Instagram Stories

From highlighting an event to providing insight into your brand, our stories position your company as top of mind and link directly to sponsored articles on or your own website.

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