Your monthly Post is created at Stoddart House

Street view of Stoddart House.

Post City Magazines’ history is accidentally interlinked with what was once one of Canada’s top publishing houses.

Every month your Post is put together in the former home of Stoddart Publishing House.

The building we are in, Stoddart House, is known for publishing the works of some of Canada’s most gifted scribes, such as Pierre Berton, Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje, to name but a few.

The most successful book published in these hallowed halls was Joy of Sex, published in 1972. This runaway bestseller sold in excess of one million copies.

The high-ceilinged modernist building on Lesmill Road was built in 1965 by the Stoddart family.

In 2000, Jack Stoddart realized the company needed a larger space to house all of it’s operations, which allowed Post City Magazines to begin the second chapter of this historic building and continue its legacy of publishing.

Aireal view of Stoddart House.

About the author

Jarrod is an Associate Publisher (Technology) at Post City Magazines.