Our mission is to work with our partners to create great local advertising and content that readers want to see and engage with.

It’s relevant

We communicate a value proposition that is of genuine interest to local readers.

It’s actionable

We give highly engaged viewers a way to purchase, sign-up or learn more.

It’s authentic

We emphasize your community connection and communicate on a personal level.

It’s brief

People value their time, so we get your message across in concise, reader-friendly formats.


Our magazines are dynamic, award-winning, stitched and trimmed publications that blend the editorial traditions of community news with the lifestyle focus of a glossy city magazine. Take a look at our latest editions…

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Video is an essential part of any digital advertising campaign in today’s marketplace. Our in-house video team is experienced in producing high-quality videos for restaurants, shopping centres and BIAs. Check out the Streets of Toronto Instagram IGTV channel for more examples.

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